The plants! Where are the plants?

Ahh, the plants! We miss them too. Unfortunately we are not planning to sell plants. Not to say never, but no plans as of now. There are so many cool plant shops these days, we are confident you will find something to put in your new pot.

Can I pot my plant directly in the planters and vases?

Yes, of course! We do highly recommend drilling a drainage hole first. We suggest using a ceramic drill bit to do this. This is usually quite simple, though stoneware may take a little more elbow grease. And please be careful, though we have never shattered an item using a ceramic drill bit, we cannot be held liable for what happens while you’re drilling.

I live in Portland, can I bypass the shipping charges and pick up my purchase?

From time to time we will sell items that we are not comfortable shipping, so those will be noted as “Local Pick Up Only”. Otherwise, items will need to be shipped. We hope to be able to offer a local pick up option in the future.